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Come work with us

We started and grew Turtle by delivering truly good breakfast products. Public health, eating well, delicious and sustainable food are pillars of our business. Turtle is a small company with great growth and lots of potential yet to be realized and we are looking for the people who will join us in making it happen.

You will find the job descriptions below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and, of course, to send us your application.

Image de Scott Graham
Modern office

Sales Manager Belgium and International

Help us build and maintain strong relations with Belgian distribution channels, as their preferred brand of quality breakfast. Develop our presence in the rest of Europe and beyond.

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Vertriebsleiter Deutschland

Your goal is to increase our market penetration in Germany and to firmly establish Turtle as the leading brand for quality breakfast.

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Open space

E-commerce and community management internship

Do you love communication, social networks and marketing? By doing an internship at Turtle you will be able to complete your knowledge with varied and in-depth practice in the management of our e-commerce and communication.

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