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  • Who are we?

    Behind Turtle there is a Belgian-German couple, lovers of good things and addicted to entrepreneurship.

    In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

    Laurence, born in Etterbeek, grew up in Denmark. After her studies she decides to come back to discover her native country. Three days after arriving in Brussels, she met during a party Thilo, a German who had come to work for a German company based in Binche. By the end of the year they were engaged and 6 months later married.

    During Laurence's first maternity leave in 2014, they decided to go for it and a year later the first porridges arrived in stores.
    " We love working together! We got to know each other in a different way. This common effort towards the same goal has made us even more united as a couple. "

    Much has been learned since the launch of Turtle, to make it the success story it is today. And this is still only the beginning!

  • Notre Mission

    Turtle se veut une entreprise qui fait du bien. Qui vous fait du bien à vous, en vous proposant des produits sains et de qualité. Mais aussi qui fait du bien tout au long de son chemin avant d’aboutir dans votre bol.

    C’est complètement insensé de consommer plus de ressources que nous en produisons, pour en plus avoir une population chez qui les exigences nutritionnelles ne sont pas respectées.


    Turtle, comme dans la fameuse fable de La Fontaine, est la tortue qui va battre le lièvre.


    ORGANIC Our products are all composed of ingredients from organic farming. This has a much less harmful impact than conventional agriculture, thanks to its reductions in the use of chemicals and by being less intensive. Groundwater stays clean, bees continue to do their job and you will not find any toxic substances in your breakfast.

    VEGAN We limit the use of ingredients originating from animals as much as possible. The only exception is the Cornflakes coated with milk chocolate, which however are still vegetarian.

  • A truly healthy diet

    UNPROCESSED We use whole oats that are simply "flattened" to make flakes. The seeds are the same as when they are on the plant and the fruits are just dried. You will not find much else, excepting some good dark chocolate, in our porridges.


    NO ADDED SUGAR means no honey, no coconut flower nectar, no syrup of anything. No refined sugars means that we use natural sweeteners such as unrefined cane sugar or agave syrup.


    100% NATURAL You will not find anything else in our porridges besides cereals, seeds, fruits and dark chocolate. That means no salt, no added sugars, no flavour enhancers, no flavourings, no preservatives. Our products are clean, or in other words: #eatclean

  • Gluten Free

    Turtle gluten-free porridges are produced with oats that are guaranteed gluten free. Specifically, oats are isolated from gluten sources throughout the production chain, from the field to the packaging in sealed bags to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. Analyses are regularly carried out to check the purity of the oat grains and that they do not exceed the authorised rates of gluten.

    Thanks to the high nutritional value of oats, Organic Classic Glutenfree, Superfood Glutenfree and Choco Banana Turtle porridge are an important addition to a gluten-free diet. Made from bran and whole-grain oatmeal, gluten-free Turtle porridges are an all-natural source of whole grain cereals and fibre, so they can be safely consumed by people with digestive system hypersensitivity or celiac disease.


    We suggest you go to The Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) to find more information and your own national association:




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