Coffee or tea? Discover our selection!

Most of us have a cup of tea or coffee with our breakfast.

Thilo, one of the founders of Turtle, has a tea every morning. Laurence, the other founder, has a coffee. Together we have made a selection of superb teas and coffees that can only make your breakfast even better.

For coffee the choice landed on Araku. This one was easy. Laurence had tasted these coffees at a fair years ago and had never gotten over how good they are. Now that we wanted to add a coffee to our breakfast universe, it could only be Araku.

These coffees come from a micro climate area in India, the Araku Valley. Their taste is unique frankly they simply taste amazingly good.

- The "Signature" coffee is well balanced and pleasant with natural notes of chocolate, plants and spices.

- The "Selection" coffe is a powerful coffee with a slight bitterness. It develops buttery and spicy notes and is the most roasted coffee. Perfect for those who like an intense coffee.

Both coffees are available ground in sachets or in a beautiful tin (perfect for presents) or in compostable vegetal capsules. The Araku coffee is certied organic and Fair Trade.

The thés de la Pagode has been one of our favourite brands for a long time. Made from the best organic tea buds, they taste great with no bitterness.

Thés de la Pagode has a wide range of teas, all of premium quality. From the location of the tea trees located throughout Asia, depending on the blend, some 1,200 to 1,800 metres above sea level to the selective hand-picking of the buds, these teas combine the finest quality with centuries of accumulated savoir faire. We have selected some classics and some of our personal favourites, that we know will go well with your breakfast!

- Black Tea Eternal Snow: A blend of high altitude Ceylon with Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger in a beautiful metal tin.

- Breakfast Tea: a blend of two black teas grown in small high altitude gardens in China (Yunnan) and India (Assam), renowned for their robust notes. Its full-bodied and subtle aromas make it the ideal companion for your breakfasts.

- Darjeeling: "the champagne of teas", darjeeling is one of the most prestigious teas in the world. This Darjeeling Tea Gardens are located on the Himalayan foothills between 1200 and 2000 meters above sea level.

- Jasmine Green Tea: Fresh jasmine flowers are are mixed with the green trea at night, to let the tea soak up their fragrance, then removed by hand before the tea is packed. Flowery and balanced, no wonder this is one of the most famous flavoured teas!

- Orange Blossom White Tea: Formerly reserved for the Emperors of China, white tea is unique thanks to its manufacturing process: the leaves are neither rolled nor steamed but dried naturally to preserve their quality and flavor. In its Prestige Edition this tea is a very nice treat to yourself or as a gift.

We hope you will like these products as much as we do and that you'll think of us when you are enjoying a truly delicious breakfast!


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