DIY 3 : A cardboard car

Do your children and the planet a favour and avoid buying new toys. Instead, use your old cereal boxes and do something creative with them.

Got an idea? We'll give it to you right here.

The equipment

- A cereal boxes

- A pencil

- A cutter or pair of scissors

- Coloured sheets

- Glue

The steps

1 Using a cutter, cut out a square in the middle of the box

2 Then, on a piece of paper, draw 4 circles.

3 Cut out the circles.

4 Put some glue on the sides of the box.

5 Place the outer circles on the sides of the box to make the wheels of the car. Use the inner to make front and rear lights.

Grab your favourite teddy and your good to go. Your children can now have fun driving their beautiful car.

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