Avocado essay

Fats are very important for the proper functioning of the body, but you still need to know how to choose them well. While some fats are more likely to cause us problems, good fats are beneficial for the body and should not be ignored.

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The consumption of saturated and trans fatty acids should be limited. Saturated fatty acids are mainly found in animal products. Trans fatty acids are very present in processed foods. But let's talk about good fats because that's what we're interested in.

These so-called "good" fats, known as unsaturated fatty acids, are found in fish but also in eggs. They are rich in vitamins A, D and E. Vitamins that are fat-soluble, which means that the fats we have in our body will preserve these vitamins.

Unsaturated fatty acid are also found in avocados, seeds, and nuts. Nuts are full of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin E, which is very important for the quality of the skin and hair. Nuts are also a source of fiber which helps to regulate transit.

Good fats help the brain to function properly. Its consumption is essential for cognitive functions. Moreover, the naturopath, Solenn Pin, explains that "our brain is composed of 60% fats". The brain therefore needs fats, a good source of energy to function properly.

Balance between omega 3, 6 and 9 is important.

Personne versant du liquide sur des nouilles vertes dans un bol en céramique

Today, we consume more omega 6 than omega 3 and this is partly due to the omega-6 found in processed foods. This doesn’t mean that we should stop eating them but rather balance our diet by consuming more omega-3. Omega 6 is found in sunflower, corn, and walnut oil. Olive, canola, and hazelnut oils provide omega 3s.

Then there are monounsaturated fatty acids or omega 9. Rich in antioxidants, they have an anti-inflammatory role and protect the cardiovascular system. These fatty acids are mainly found in olive oil, olives, avocados, hazelnuts, and almonds.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids include omega 6 and 3. These fats are essential, which means that the body is not able to produce them. This is why it is interesting to include them in our diet to provide the body with what it needs.

An imbalance between the omegas can lead to inflammation. It is therefore important to vary them and to respect this balance.

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