Lesson no 5 :Savory porridge

Today's inspiration is the salty porridge. Yes, you heard right, it is possible to prepare our porridges for lunch, and have a good meal to take to work or to eat at home. If you are more salty than sweet you will love our proposals!

The light and delicious !

Recipe created by @dayennefoodblog

Ingredients :

- 50g of Turtle Goji & Chia Porridge

- 180ml of water

- Olive oil

- 1/4 of the broth cube

- Avocado

- Zucchini

- Cherry tomatoes

- Hemp seeds

- Salt

Preparation :

Cook 50g of porridge in 180ml of water with a drizzle of good olive oil and the broth. Serve on a plate with avocado, thinly sliced zucchini, tomatoes and sprinkled with hemp seeds. An ideal meal to recharge your batteries in a light way.

Asian fragrant porridge with mushrooms and kale

Recipe by @ciloucook

Ingredients :

- 50g of Turtle 6 seeds Porridge

- 180ml of water

- 1 tbsp of tamari

- 5 mushroom

- 1/4 tbsp of curcuma

- 2 turns of black pepper

- 1/4 of fresh ginger

- Kale

- Nori Leaf

Preparation :

Cook 50g of Turtle 6 seed porridge in water with a teaspoon of tamari. As a topping: pan-fried mushrooms with turmeric, black pepper and ginger with kale and some Nori leaves. Very easy to make and so delicious!

Fresh goat cheese porridge

Recipe by@thegarden_of_delights

Ingredients :

- 50g of Turtle 6 seeds Porridge

- 180ml of water

- 1/2 vegetable stock

- Avocado

- Fresh goat cheese

- Spinach shoots

- A pinch of Provence herb

- Nuts and pine nuts

- Rockets

Preparation :

Bring 180ml of water to the boil and add vegetable stock. Cook 50g of porridge in the water for 5 minutes. Once the porridge has absorbed the water, mix it with half of the fresh goat cheese, half of the chopped spinach shoots and the herbes de Provence.

Garnish your bowl with the remaining spinach, arugula, roasted walnuts and pine nuts, pink berries, fresh goat cheese, and cranberry compote. A tasty classic.