White Tea Orange Blossom Prestige Edition

Delicately scented with Orange Blossom, this voluptuous white tea of great finesse is made with a very beautiful "Bai Mu Dan", which means White Peony in Chinese. Formerly reserved for the Emperors of China, white tea is unique thanks to its manufacturing process: the leaves are neither rolled nor steamed but dried naturally to preserve their quality and flavor.

Harvested in the high mountains of China, it offers a floral drink with sweet, refreshing and delicate aromas. Associated with the natural flavor of orange blossom, it is a delicious invitation to relaxation and serenity. Often tasted in China to quench your thirst, it should be drunk slowly, and will seduce you with the subtlety of its soothing fragrance.

Presented in its Prestige Edition, this Orange Blossom White Tea is an exceptional gift or a treat to yourself in all circumstances.

Leaf tea - Box of 100g

White Tea Orange Blossom Prestige Edition



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