Jasmine Green Tea

Organic jasmine green tea from China.


Jasmine Green Tea is born from the meeting between a refined Chinese green tea and delicate jasmine flowers. This blend is characterized by its flowery and balanced notes. It is one of the most famous flavored green teas in China!


Jasmine tea is the subject of a traditional production, which gives it its refined taste without bitterness. The jasmine is picked at the hottest hour of the day, when its flowers are closed. They are then left to rest, in order to cool, to open completely and to release their scent. At nightfall, we mix the fresh jasmine flowers with the tea leaves which will soak up the fragrance. The more this step is repeated, the more the tea will be fragrant. The best jasmine tea can see this operation repeated 9 times. At the end of the process, the jasmine flowers are removed by hand.


Taste this precious Chinese jasmine tea and let yourself be enchanted by its subtle and flowery infusion.


Leaf tea - 100g bag

Jasmine Green Tea